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Merge PST File

A prominent tool to merge Outlook files in many different ways

  • Merge small sized PST files efficiently to create one strong file
  • Perform merge of both Unicode and ANSI versions data
  • Various options to merge to provide satisfaction with results
  • Merge by creating new folder for each PST
  • Merge files in the same folder
  • Enable to merge only contacts or inbox
  • Give flexibility to merge desirable folders of PST
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Remove deleted content
  • A Windows operating app, supports Wins 10/8/7/XP/Vista (32 + 64 bit)

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Small sized PST files create data clutter. It is hard to manage multiple files. You may miss files. PST of Unicode version enables you to create up to 20 GB big sized files. It allows you to get rid of unnecessary file collection. You can merge relevant files together to deal with data clutter issue smartly. Instead of merging PST files manually, use the third app. It is a reliable utility to merge multiple PST files at just one go.

Prominent Key Features of PST Merger


Merge Multiple Files Simultaneously

The app is significant as it merges 2, 3, 4 or more PST files together to create one strong PST files. Users are allowed to add files of their choice by filtering databases locally. The utility scans them and merge at a time.


Merge All Content in the Same Folder

There is no need to create folders separately. It compresses the file size by allowing you to merge content in the same folder. Give a unique name to the folder and the entire data will be transferred to the same folder.


Merge Only Inbox Folder

In case you need to collect data of Inbox folder of each PST file, do this with merge only inbox feature. The prominent tool merges PST inbox rapidly. All emails of the inbox are saved in a newly created PST file.


Merge Desirable Folders

What do you want to merge basically? It is decided by you by selecting specific folder from the drop down menu. Choose contact, inbox, outbox, calendar or journal to merge them together. The utility extracts and merges only user's specified folder.


Save Merged Data Locally

A new PST file is created which saves locally. Any folder of your choice is selected to save the newly built PST file. Users give a unique name to the PST file. They are allowed to save data in an existed or a newly build folder.


User Friendly Application

It doesn't matter if you are not technically sharp. The merge PST program is easy to operate. The Windows is self-expressive. Follow step by step conversion approach to find desirable results. No additional technical help is required.

Frequently Asked Question

The application manages to merge both versions' PST files.
Yes, it allows you to combine PST files without installation of Outlook.
It supports all the latest versions of Windows.
It is an additional option that you can choose.

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